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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer health insurance reimbursements?

As a mental health practitioner, I do not provide invoices for reimbursements.

Why should I do this process? How will that help me?

Working with me serves three two: 1. Psychotherapy to resolve unconscious behaviours blocking the growth of your practice 2. Practical spirituality to increase your sales. The goal of a psychotherapeutic process is to help you understand yourself more deeply so that you can make your practice grow. I have lived personal experiences with depression, anxiety and loss of motivation to sell and grow, and I know what it feels like. When anxiety is at its peak, the nervous system becomes dysregulated, affecting our social relationships, how we relate to ourselves and life. It impacts, without a doubt, how our practice grows. Many times we find it difficult to understand the “WHY” of some of our behaviours (we know that exposing ourselves on social media or taking time out to rest makes us anxious… but we don't know why and even worse is when we don't understand why we act in a certain way). This affects the steps you take to grow your practice and decreases your confidence. I will help you understand what still remains unconscious. My psychotherapy sessions are based on creating a greater connection with our feelings, our body and our intuition. This will help you develop the ability to listen to yourself and pay attention to your needs, knowing which steps to take to increase your sales and grow your practice. It will also help you trust yourself, opening your heart to treat yourself with kindness and greater acceptance. Throughout our sessions, I will also offer you tools and resources so that you know what to do outside our sessions and continue your life with serenity and confidence. I have also sought to understand our capacity to generate abundance through spiritual perspectives that provide us with wisdom information to increase our sales. Once I made contact with this information, my income changed drastically and gave me peace of mind to keep growing. This information will allow your sales to grow with no doubt.

Why do I hesitate to call you?

I understand that you may be reluctant to book an appointment with me. We often feel more comfortable with what we know, even if it doesn't suit us. What we don't know can cause anxiety, but facing your fears will allow you to discover new perspectives and inner resources that will make your practice grow. How? 1. Psychotherapeutic work offers you support, tools and resources to overcome difficulties and gain clarity to move forward. It helps you transform internally, changes that will beneficially impact the growth of your practice and your life. 2. Practical spirituality work will allow you to discover what blocks your income to increase your sales with confidence. People who seek help show great courage in recognizing that they need help in areas of their lives that they cannot handle. I encourage you to consider this possibility, opening yourself to living a fuller, more serene and authentic life. You always have the option of writing to me directly by email:

How long will it take me to feel better and increase my sales?

From the first session you should feel relief by simply expressing your problems. You will also feel connection and motivation to move forward. Afterwards, it all depends on your commitment and consistency. Meeting me regularly, will allow you to notice significant changes very quickly. As in any process, commitment and consistency will be proportional to the transformation you can achieve. I invite you to ask yourself: What do I really want? If you're ready to dive into deep change and transformation to make your practice grow, I'm here to do great work together.

What makes me different from other therapists? 

People who work with me describe me as calm, peaceful, kind and very active. Especially when we experience paralyzing, low-energy states, anxiety impairs our life functioning and has a great toll on our practice. Overcoming anxiety has allowed me to embody what I call "active presence" every day. Such balance allows me to rest and activate myselg authentically. People also say that they feel immediate trust and safety in my sessions. I promote being a sustainable and safety container. The Compassionate Inquiry (CI) approach I work with, along with information on practical spirituality, also provides a healing space for the therapist. This is a great motivation for me. Each process invites me to heal and overcome obstacles together as I work with you.

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