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Are you reimbursed by extended health benefits?

As a mental health practitioner I do not provide invoices for reimbursements.

Why should I have therapy? How will it help me?

I know that depression and anxiety are extremely perturbing and destabilizing experiences. I went through it, both depresison and anxiety, and I know the feeling. It is true that many things happen inside us which we are unaware of. Without this awareness, we cannot realize, make meaning of, and process our dysfunctions. It is essential that you seek therapeutic support if you are unable to uncover and process the unconscious dynamics on your own. The goal of therapy is to help you understand yourself more deeply. Therapy offers you a priviledge space to explore and express your emotions in complete safety. You will be able to discover aspects of yourself that make you suffer, and that you may not have yet identified and worked with. The impact of trauma on brain function and its effect on the nervous system is GIGANTIC. It not only affects our body, it affects our social relationships, how we relate to ourselves, the world and others. It keeps us hooked on survival mode with great impact on our life. Awareness and understanding are essential elements to transforming suffering into well-being. By becoming aware of your emotions, thoughts, behaviours and repetitive patterns, you can understand the sources of your suffering and learn how to work with them. Once in contact with internal states, you begin a process of transformation and healing. My sessions are based on creating greater connection to our feelings, our body, and our intuition. This will help you develop the ability to listen to yourself and to pay attention to your needs. It will also help you trusting yourself, opening your heart to treat yourself kindly and with greater acceptance. As we meet, I also offer practices, tools, and resources you can work with outside of our sessions and continue your life with serenity and confidence. For many years, I have looked into understanding ourselves through spiritual and therapeutic perspectives which aim to liberate ourselves from suffering. Compassionate Inquiry encompasses wisdom from spiritual teachings which I also deem important to share with your permission and if it feels right to your healing journey.

Why do I hesitate to call you?

I understand that you may be resistant to make an appointment with me. We are often more comfortable with what we know, even if it doesn't suit us. What we don't may cause anxiety, but facing your fears allows you to discover new perspectives and inner resources that can SAVE your life. Therapeutic work offers you support, tools, and resources to overcome difficulties. It helps you to transform yourself internally, changes that will surely beneficially impact all of the aspects of your life. Some people have a negative view of therapy, imagining silent and uncomfortable sessions. My method is entirely different. I take a conversational approach, focused on expressing how you feel in the present moment. People who seek help show great courage in recognizing that they need help with the areas of their lives that they cannot manage. I encourage you to consider this possibility, opening yourself to living a more fulfilling, serene and authentic life. If you do not feel comfortable calling, you always have the option of writing to me directly by email:

How long will it take to feel better?

From the very first session, you should feel some relief from the simple fact of being heard and able to express your problems. Afterwards, it all depends on your commitment and regularity. If you choose to see me every week, you will rapidly perceive significant changes. As in any process, your investment in terms of implication and regularity will be proportional to the transformation you can achieve. I invite you to ask yourself: What do I really want? If you are ready to merge into deep change and transformation, I am here for us to do great work together.

What makes me difference from other therapists? 

People that work with me describe me as calm, peaceful, kind, and very active. Especially, as we experience paralyzing and low energy states in depression and anxiety that impair our life functioning, I have learned how to overcome these and embody what I call "active presence" day after day. People also say you feel immediate trust and safety in my sessions. I focus on being a sustainable and safety container. As I use the Compassionate Inquiry (CI) approach, each session also provides a healing space for the therapist. This is of great motivation to me, as we truly heal together day by day.

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