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Calm Sea

 Turn depression and anxiety into happiness, tranquility, and choice over your life. 

Certified Mental Health Practitioner
specializing in online p

You are here because you don't understand what is going on in you:

Before reaching this point, you went through many crises which you managed whether easy or difficult. Today is a little more complicated, and without realizing it: ​

  • You started feeling lonely, guilty, unmotivated, overwhelmed, and angry towards yourself.​​

  • You started thinking you have no purpose and no worth, believing healing may not be available to you. ​​

  • You started thinking something is missing, what worked out in the past is no longer working.

  • You struggle a lot, ask yourself many questions, and constantly decide not to talk to anyone, cancel activities, and shut down.​

  • You lost your ability to stay present with yourself and your loved ones, impacting your physical, and emotional health, and professional functioning.​

Thinking Man on Couch
Sad on Couch

What if you give yourself the chance

to be happy? 

  • In the search for happiness, we take what seems to work for us, but certain crises divert us from our quest.

  • Some people wait too long before asking for help. They think (wrongly) that it is too late for them and that happiness is only available to others.​

  • Fortunately, happiness is available to everyone!

  • It is the time to receive the help that you need. I went through this, I completely understand. 

  • When we are dealing with intense emotions or when we have difficulty understanding what is happening in us, it is normal to shut down, freeze, and distance ourselves from what we want and what is important to us.

  • Don't think you have to live this way, you deserve to make sense of what is happening and gain choice to move forward.

Learn to listen to yourself to find yourself:

  • You start learning how to listen to yourself, and you become "your priority" because you understand everything begins inside you.

  • You learn to release what disturbs you the most and become more confident in working with your thoughts and emotions, which reduces in intensity.

  • You clearly understand what happens inside you.​ ​ 

  • You feel calmer, you are moving forward, and you gain choice.​ ​

  • You live lighter because you can choose how to react, regaining energy and tranquility. ​

  • You can express your needs safely and confidently. ​​

  • Life takes a new meaning, you feel supported, connected, and understood.​ ​​

  • You have found purpose in yourself, your awareness awakens, and you find joy growing within you. ​​

Smiling Woman
Angela Potes

My focus:

​Hello, my name is Angela and I welcome you to my online psychotherapeutic sessions. ​

  • You're on the verge of making a good decision, and that's to get help. Choosing to step out of your comfort zone is scary, and making changes isn't always easy. I've been there myself and I know what it's like.

  • There is something inside of you that is guiding you to let go of depression and anxiety, but you still have a lot of questions that remain unanswered at this point.

What about paying attention to the happiness and tranquility in you?

  • Share with me what makes you suffer and what is not working in your life, this is the first step to liberating yourself! 

  • Share your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions to resolve your pain and tension.

  • I listen to you and help you get to know yourself better and ease your suffering.

  • I help you reconnect with your heart, rediscover the taste of living, and be happy.


How can I help you?






Trauma Release


What people are saying:

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What is your next step?


1. A warm first call


2. The first step

towards change


3. A reassuring 

welcoming session


Is therapy right for me?

Therapy is right for you if:

  • You've tried to improve things on your own, but you continue to feel stuck.

  • You are motivated and ready to apply the strategies that we will develop together.

  • You are determined to make positive changes in your life and fully commit to your healing.

  • You are looking for professional, caring, and effective support to support you throughout your healing journey. ​​

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